Syntax highlighting not working for external lib of PlateformeIO on CLion IDE

I created a ticket on CLion jetbrains:

but if a CLion+PIO user has a clue for solving the problem please update this post.

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@ivankravets Can you vote for it :

So it will be addressed by CLion team

If you have a workaround please share it here


Are you sure this isn’t the same problem described and solved in Add Clion code insight features for PIO "lib_extra_dirs" option · Issue #3460 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub?

No I solved the issue : youtrack.jetbrains dot com/issue/CPP-20192
it is a problem of the compiler
even if we use the Espressif compiler, CLion use MSVC to parse the syntax highlinting and it doesn’t work well
when I installed MinGW+GCC, it works

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