Syntastic plugin for VIM


I wrote a VIM plugin to configure syntastic for pio projects, and I’m using .gcc-flags.json in the project root to do that. I was wondering which part of Pio generates that file, and when it gets updated. Is it part of the core, if so I would expect pio lib install to update it for example. If it’s part of the IDE that I have a problem :smiley:

(The plugin: GitHub - aars/syntastic-platformio: VIM plugin to configure syntastic for platformio projects.)

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Thanks a lot! Great work!

I’ve just added project generator for VIM

Please re-test with Redirecting...

Please use in your plugin this command

platformio -f -c vim init --ide vim

It will re-generate all related dot files when platformio.ini is changed or new libraries are added.

I will test that.

I guess that would be necessary after adding platforms to platformio.ini. Does pio lib install update the dot files?

It doesn’t, you need to add PathWatchers for library storages. See

That commands does rebuild the dot files, right?

(I haven’t had time yet to check out the development Pio)

Yes, you’re right. You need the latest PIO Core 3.4