Switching on/off PlatformIO IDE in Atom


I’d like to know if there is a way of completely toggling on/off PlatformIO and all associated packages in Atom quickly. Or better yet, it automatically enable the IDE when a project opens that includes the platformio .ini file. There was a thread a long time ago on this, but nobody seems to be responding

I am a software developer and require a minimal IDE to minimise distraction, as I normally work on React and Node projects, which do bring money in. I do a lot of electrical work, but this comes secondary as a hobby. I get frustrated as the PIO packages do degrade the snappiness of Atom when all the packages are active, and constantly enabling/disabling packages when I switch projects many times a day is annoying.

I’ve literally not even used my student membership because of this and that’s a shame as it is far superior to the Arduino IDE etc.

We implemented this for PlatformIO IDE for VSCode: Redirecting...

Atom is planned soon.

@ivankravets really great news, I look forward to this!