Switching ESP32 IDF-Version


I want to switch the ESP32 IDF-Version to v4.0 because I’ll try some BLE Mesh examples.
(GitHub - espressif/esp-idf at release/v4.0)

How can I switch the Version in platformIO ?
Actually in platformIo the Version 3.0300.0 is used.

I tried to switch in platform.ini with

framework = espidf@4.0000.0

This doesn’t work.

Can someone give me some hints, how to use the v4.0 of espidf ?


The proper syntax would be:

framework-espidf @ https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf.git#release/v4.0


framework-espidf @ https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf.git

However, version 4 brings many major changes to the toolset, the libraries and the build system, and they haven’t been integrated into PlatfomrIO yet. So building the code will probably fail miserably with no easy workaround.

Thanks for your fast response.

Tried your entry in my .ini.
Okay, you are right, building the blink-example now fails :frowning:
Some files from freertos are not found.

I want to to some BLE-Mesh so I think I need v4.0.
Then I have to wait until v4 ist integrated in PlatformIO ?

Or you can try Espressif native build system for now.

Thanks for the Hint.
I’ll try this …

It is a pity that it is not possible with platformIO.

Yet :wink:
As far as I know, it’s because v4 is still beta, and PlatformIO devs decided to wait for stable versions of frameworks. This applies not only to Espressif.