Support for Zephyr 2.5.0

Zephyr 2.5.0 got released a few days.

Are we likely to see PlatformIO updated to Zephyr 2.5.0 by the end of this month? Not sure how long it typically takes to update after a Zephyr release.


I second this, I working on a project that requires some commits from the latest version of Zephyr (newer than 2.5.0). And currently I need to edit the file line by line according to the commits of Zephyr. Copy the files from Zephyr repos over to .platformio/packages folder result in all kinds of error. Would be great if there’s a way to update the packages.

CC @valeros for update.

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Thanks maxgerhardt. I’ll follow up.

Wonderful news! We know have Zephyr 2.5.0 support within PlatformIO.

Thank you @valeros and maxgerhardt. Much appreciated!

The bbcmicrobit_v2 board support for Zephyr is coming up as unrecognized. Zephyr 2.5.0 added support for BBC micro:bit v2 but a minor change in the PlatformIO update may have been missed. I have asked @valeros to check.