Support for TTGO MINI ESP32 V2.0

Any one know what board to use for the one: GitHub - kotakomputer/TTGO-MINI32-V2.0: TTGO MINI32 V2.0
Would really like to get a hint on this one.

All the ESP32 boards are pretty much the same. They only differ in e.g. having a ESP WROOM-32 or WROVER chipset. For Arduino, yes there are different variants, but all they do is slightly modify default pins.

The official product page (LILYGO® TTGO T7 V1.3 MINI 32 ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth Module Development Board - Basic Module - Shenzhen Xin Yuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd and GitHub - LilyGO/ESP32-MINI-32-V1.3: ESP32-Arduino-demo) shows that the module contains a ESP32-D0WDQ6 chipset with a 4MB flash chip (W25Q32FVSS), which is basically a ESP-WROOM32.

I would suggest that you use their Blinky code with the platformio.ini of just

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino
board_build.flash_mode = qio

(“Espressif ESP32 Dev Module” in the project creator GUI, QIO mode can be read from the schematics)

and see if the LED goes blinky blinky.

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