Support for the Parallax Propeller

I’ve been working on the support for this interesting microcontroller called Parallax Propeller

What’s the Propeller?

The manufacturer says:

The Propeller family of microcontrollers are designed to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, and without the need for interrupts or the dictates of an onboard operating system.


Each of the Propeller P8X32A’s eight symmetrical cores can access all 32 I/O pins and other shared system resources. Each core also has its own memory and a set of configurable hardware for creating, releasing, and re-creating software-defined peripherals as needed. This nimble design easily adapts to numerous uses, freeing the developer from re-learning an infinite stream of IC variations. Thus, application development with the Propeller can reduce design-to-production cycle time and parts counts.

Another very unusual thing about this microcontroller is that time ago it became absolutely open-source, so you can even synthesize and test it on an FPGA.

About the support of this MCU into platformio, I already tested the builder and uploader on Linux and works fine, but some beta testers are required for the windows and macOS version.

If you are interested in testing, use this repository and let me know if something doesn’t work as expected.

I got the debug tools working!!

However, I have a problem because the flags -Og -g2 -ggdb2 are added when building for debugging, yet the compiler requires -O0 -ggdb3 -g to work properly.
I managed to build by using the debug_build_flags on the platformio.ini file, but this isn’t optimal because this configuration isn’t an especial case but the default for the platform.

@ivankravets, @pfeerick
Do you know a better way to deal with this?

I got the platform almost ready for release, but I want to solve this little problem first.

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Thank you so much for your research! @valeros will back soon to this issue. Sorry for the delay, the PIO Team is crazy busy working on something cool that should be announced soon.


Any update on propeller support?