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Support for STM32WLE5JC

I’m looking for support of STM32WLE5JC SoC with Arduino Framework. I found this post but it is not for Arduino Framework.

I found also in .platform\platforms\ststm32\boards\nucleo_wl55jc.json a line

    "variant": "STM32WLxx/WL54JCI_WL55JCI_WLE4J(8-B-C)I_WLE5J(8-B-C)I"

which includes the _WLE5J(8-B-C) which is what I’m looking for. Can I use this with some platformio.ini options to compile and download for stm32wle5jc based boards?

Thank you for your support

Have you tried using nucleo_wl55jc exactly?

Looking at Arduino_Core_STM32/variants/STM32WLxx/WL54JCI_WL55JCI_WLE4J(8-B-C)I_WLE5J(8-B-C)I at main · stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32 · GitHub there are 2 variants in that folder, the Nucleo and “Generic” variants. The Nucleo variant has an addition for clock setup (LSE on, MSI on) and pin definitions for the buttons / LEDs on the board, which the generic board definition has not. In fact, if your board has an LSE (and MSI is internal), it should actually work.

You can also create your own board definition .json file, you would call that genericSTM32WLE5JC.json and put in the boards/ folder of your project. The contents would be the same as in platform-ststm32/nucleo_wl55jc.json at develop · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub. (Without going into detail, the selection between nucleo / generic happens through a macro whose name is derived from the filename, calling the file as I stated above will select the generic variant).