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Support for megaAVR 0 series

When can we expect support for the megaAVR 0 series? There are more and more boards with an ATMega4809 which are not supported and needs a new core:

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Is there something you’re interested in?
(I dont work with any of your list)

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No, there is a new core for Arduino needed (like the one for the original Arduino IDE), because this are new micro controllers and they work a little bit different like the classic AVRs.

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I forgot, meanwhile there is an 40-pin DIP Version of the ATtmega4809 family and
new ATtiny 1607 and 3217 family.

Any news about? Will a support come? And when?

Please ping me with after PIO Core 4.0. Thanks!

Any news about? Nothing happens since November last year.