Support for Flutter (atmelsam)

There was a request to add support for Flutter, but following the link to the atmelsam project doesn’t show any relevant issues.

Support for Flutter Boards · Issue #871 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub (closes with link to)

Should I add another issue for support? I have the hardware now, so I’m keen to try it out with platformio.

I’ve just moved it to

Do you need it ASAP?

No, not urgent. :pray:

Hi all,

Has there been any movement on this issue?
Has anyone gotten this board to work?

We have worked up a flutter.json file that seems to have the correct values in it that represent the board.

Additionally we copied over the flutter variant directory from the Arduino-IDE. We are still having issue with the compile. If anyone can shed some light here on what our next steps would be that would be great.

Also looking for guidance on a dir structure that we can wrap this stuff up in to post more widely.