Support for Feather RP2040

Hi Team,

I was wondering if it is possible to add support for the board Feather RP2040 Feather RP2040. At the moment there is support for Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect using the Arduino Framework which falls in the framework-arduino-mbed.

The Feather RP2040 is based on the arduino-pico core as opposed to the ArduinoCore-mbed

While I would like to work on getting it sorted, I am not quite sure as to how. I am going through the documentation regarding adding new boards but haven’t gotten anywhere. Will keep reading.


This is already supported in Arduino-Pico (Earlephilhower) support, PicoProbe Debugging by maxgerhardt · Pull Request #36 · platformio/platform-raspberrypi · GitHub, just use board = adafruit_feather.