Support for ESP-IDF 4.1: Protected Management Frames (PMF), Improvements to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stacks, new Menuconfig tool


We’re happy to announce updated support for a new release v4.1 of ESP-IDF together with the new version v2.0.0 of espressif32 dev-platform.

ESP-IDF v4.1 is a minor update for ESP-IDF v4.0. ESP-IDF v4.1 will be supported until February 2023 in accordance with the ESP-IDF Support Policy.

Major enhancements in v4.1 include:

  • Wi-Fi: Added SAE authentication support for WPA3 Personal
  • New Python-based menuconfig tool
  • Networking: Added new esp_netif API to manage network interfaces, replaces tcpip_adapter which is now deprecated.
  • Classic Bluetooth: Added support for Hands Free Profile (HFP) Audio Gateway (AG)
  • DTLS support in libcoap using mbedTLS (#3977)
  • Preview support for ESP32-S2 Beta SoC. This support will be replaced with ESP32-S2 SoC support in ESP-IDF v4.2. ESP32-S2 Beta firmware is not compatible with the ESP32-S2 production SoC, and not all features are supported.

What is new in Espressif32 development platform:

  • Updated toolchains to the latest esp-2020r2
  • Fixed broken first-time library installation with ESP-IDF
  • Fixed an issue with improper compilation of embedded files
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

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Couple Questions.

#1) So when are we going to see the addition of menconfig option in the Project Tasks list?
#2) Trying to use “platformio run -t menuconfig” in the terminal does not work anymore. The up/down arrows no longer work.

P.S. your OP link “PlatformIO Documentation for ESP-IDF” takes you to a “This page does not exist yet” page

PlatformIO is GREAT! but PLEASE get menuconfig to work for ESP32!!

URL is correct now (the difference a hyphen in the wrong place makes!), not sure about the other issues you raised. Are you running the v2.0+ of the VSCode extension? (v2.0.1 is the latest). I don’t use the ESP-IDF framework, but I would expect that if it (menuconfig entry) were added, it would be in that version.

I am running VSCode extension v2.0.1. Core 5.0.1 & Home 3.3.0.

For those who must make changes to menuconfig I have found a work around.
Open the Extension pane, and install Open-Native-Terminal .

Once installed, right click anywhere on your source code. A popup will give you the option to Open in native terminal (current folder) or Open in native terminal (root folder)

Select “root folder”. An external terminal window will open. Then enter in this on the its command line
“platformio run -t menuconfig”

Menuconfig will open and the up and down arrows will now work.

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My Open Native Terminal doesn’t recognize platformio command. Do you know why?

The PlatformIO commands are not propagated into the normal shell environments because it would pollute or conflict with other stuff in it. That’s being done since release 2.1.2. They are available in the PIO terminal though. And in general they’re globally available if you’ve installed the core globally per docs (and don’t use the auto-installed builtin core that comes with the extension). Or, again globally available if you downgrade PlatformIO extension to 2.1.0.

So I’d just recommend opening a PIO terminal and running pio run -t menuconfig there. If an error occurs during that, report it to the developers at Issues · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub.

The problem is that using the terminal PIO does not allow me to navigate with the arrows keys to manipulate the menuconfig =(

‘J’ moves the cursor down, ‘K’ moves the cursor up, Enter and Escape work as usual.

I’ve opened issue menuconfig up/down arrows don't work · Issue #423 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub so that the developers are (like @valeros) are notified about this.

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Great! Thank you very much!
@mikemoy Did you see this?

@vagner-rodrigues, sorry for the late reply about your opening the terminal question. Looks like you have that figured out now. Thanks for the tip about the ‘J’ and 'K" keys works for me. Platform IO just needs to now add a shortcut icon instead of using “platformio run -t menuconfig” and add [J] and [K] to the bottom of menuconfig so others know how to navigate it.