Support for different languages and compilers

Thanks very much for the PlatformIO tools. I am switching my Arduino projects over at the moment.

I was wondering if there were any plans or thoughts on supporting languages other than C++ and whether the back-end is built up in a way to support that kind of feature.

Would be great to be able fire up a Ada, Rust, Micropython or JerryScript environment with ease for the boards that support it.

That is possible and you can do that with own development platform. See docs Custom Development Platforms — PlatformIO v6.1 documentation

I recommend contact with the project’s authors.

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I know this is a very old thread but it’s something that is of interest to me. I have been playing with D lately, and it seems to have a lot of advantages over C and C++, while being syntactically nearly identical. Unfortunately it will only generate 32 bit code, so no use for Arduino une, nano, mega etc, but good for Due, STM32, and other 32 bit processors.

I have had a look at the examples Ivan pointed to in his reply, and I have to say I am nowhere near savvy enough to be able to tackle building a bespoke package. I also could find nowhere that actually mentioned the C compiler. My first thought was to use an existing package (for STM32) and just replace gcc with dmd wherever I found it. dmd can produce an elf file I believe, so maybe it would work? The major problem, as I see it, for using ANY compiler other than C, is that all the include libraries would also have to be converted to a format suitable for the compiler to use. No easy task unfortunately…

:frowning: Ian