Support for armclang

I am wondering if there will be any support/tutorial for compiling+debugging projects using armclang toolchain?
Is there any plan for supporting the 3rd party (non-gcc) based compiler for arm development?

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Know that this topic is 2+ years old and has not provoked any discussion, but I’m in the process of moving from another IDE (Keil μVision) and, well, I have a strong preference for armclang over gcc (I always find a way to drive armclang into generating smaller binaries than gcc).

Any plan to support the armclang toolchain?

An aside: really surprised by Platformio, tried Keil Studio Cloud, arm Development Studio, mbed Studio, Segger Embedded Studio, IAR Embedded Workbench and, well, Platformio gave the most pleasant experience.

Thanks & regards.

I have a demo with PlatformIO + clang that builds an ARM firmware (for an Arduino Due) at GitHub - maxgerhardt/platformio-with-clang: Highly experimental PlatformIO + Clang (instead of GCC) test project (with someone creating a fork at GitHub - echtzeit-dev/platformio-with-clang: Highly experimental PlatformIO + Clang (instead of GCC) test project), maybe that helps you. However, this is nothing more than a few “hacks” to get a new compiler toolchain in and adapt the flags.

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