Submit/Register a new library


I’ve just completed work on a library and I think other people may find it useful. I’ve packaged up the library in the exact same way as the other existing entries I have seen, with description files, examples and so on.

Apologies if this is a duplicate question - I did search but didn’t turn up anything useful.

If anyone’s interested it’s a Web3-Embedded implementation. There is an existing Web3-Arduino which is ok but lacks many features which ultimately meant it couldn’t be used in any meaningful way. In the process of getting it to do what I wanted I had almost completely re-written it, so effectively it’s a completely new library. The library will allow devs to code full Ethereum zero infrastructure DApp services on 8266/ESP32 (and any other Arduino framework platforms with sufficient memory) devices in minutes.

Instructions on how to submit a library are in docs here:

You use the provided command line tool, platformio