Stuck resolving esp32dev dependencies

Hi All,

I am having a lot of trouble with getting my platformio setup working for the last few days. I have been building and uploading code to my ESP32 devkit seamlessly for the last month and after fresh installing Ubuntu (24.04 and 22.04) and Mint (21.3) I can’t seem to get even an example project to initialise.

The steps I am taking are:
Install VScode
Install python3-venv
Install platformio extension
create new project → espidf-arduino-blink

Once I click create project it just gets stuck loading indefinitely (I have waited 30 minutes). My internet speed is fine. If I cancel it I can then see all the project files have been created though.

If I open the project folder it loads the platformio core then starts configuring the project “Resolving esp32dev dependencies” and it just gets stuck there. Sometimes it shows a 0% download progress.

I am running core 6.1.15 Home 3.4.4
VScode 1.89.1

Any help on getting this working again would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Just to close this out, it eventually started working.I had to allow the project to setup up for about an hour before it completed with not indication anything was happening. I probably could have used the CLI to get more insight.

I guess maybe the server connection was slow for whatever reason.