Strategies/alternatives for integrating kconfig based frameworks (Nuttx RTOS)


We want to add a custom board based on Nuttx RTOS. We already followed all instruction pointed in the question how to add a new framework/board, adding our board in ststm32 platform.

We included the nuttx framework (empty, at this moment) and a builder script (just an initial one, not compiling anything). This way, it is possible to run the project (“platformio run”).

Nuttx has a buiild system similar to Linux, where options are set via “make menuconfig”, generating kconfig files. Everything is compiled based on makefiles.

Taking a look in some existing frameworks it is possible to see that the frameworks are not “so configurable”. Features are already defined (mostly) so it is simple to list all source files in SCons and compile them.

Before creating our builder script, I would like to hear some suggestion for the proper approach.
For instance:

  1. Should I generate a fixed source code (all options already enabled) for this board ?
  2. Should I create some level of configuration before compiling (probably based on the platform.ini file) ?
  3. Should I try to use this kconfig library for Python ? It allows access to kconfig files but does not solve the problem of configuring the kconfig files.
  4. other options ?

Thanks in advance !

Marcelo Barros

ESP-IDF uses the same KConfig. Nevertheless, they generate sdkconfig.h file. Could you do the same?