STM32F407VE with Bno055 IMU Sensor

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a project using an STM32 microcontroller (specifically, STM32F407) and a BNO055 IMU sensor. I’m leveraging PlatformIO for development and found an Arduino library for the BNO055 that compiles and uploads successfully. However, I’m facing a challenge with I2C communication.

The Problem:

The Adafruit BNo055 library does not have a place to define for I2C communication pin, which will directly translate to the physical pins on my STM32 board. I need to map these Arduino pin names to the corresponding STM32 pin numbers for successful I2C communication with the BNO055.

Is there any pin maps for STM32 Boards for arduino framework?
I am using Wire.h library , but when I try to use Wire.setSCL()… I get this

Please help