STM32F103 using SPI in Transmit only mode

I am trying to configure SPI of blue-pill board using following code:
SPIClass hspi(PA7,PA6,PA5);
It works if I do not assign any other function to PA6(spi miso) . but I want to use SPI in transmit only mode and use MISO as output. Is this possible using current stm32dunio framework? If yes how?

Please ask the people who create the Arduino-STM32 framework not the buildsystem people for detailed info :smiley: At Issues · stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32 · GitHub

The way I see it’s not possible, because the constructor

always takes MISO MOSI SCLK with only SSEL being optional; Then the begin() call will initialize the peripheral

with the config…

being two lines SPI (MISO + MOSI), hardcoded. Using SPI_DIRECTION_1LINE is not supported here. Unless you re-initialize the SPI peripheral with HAL_SPI_Init yourself and hack out the handle variables somehow.

Thanks for your quick response. It is conclusive enough for me.