STM32F070F6P6 Configuration

I’m quite new to PIO so I may have missed something.
I have a custom board based on the MCU in the title but I think I’ve discovered that it’s not among the supported MCUs. Is there any way for me to flash this board using PIO?

I’ve referenced this page but it doesn’t appear to be in there: ST STM32 — PlatformIO v6.1 documentation

Is there any way for me to create a custom platform?

Seems I just needed to find the boards configuration and create my own. I hadn’t understood that everything was based around boards.

This is an open issue per

However, to solve your problem, just duplicate the only STM32F0 definition disco_f051r8.json into your project’s boards/ folder with the obvious edits in regards to the chip name and the Arduino variant available per this.

I’ve setup the board definition and example Arduino core for you at

Just download it and open it in VSCode.