STM32CubeMX and PlatformIO

Hello, I’ve view this topic Using STM32CubeMX and PlatformIO - FAQ - PlatformIO Community, but, can’t works.
Since some time, cubeMX no supports GPDSC, snd only works with Makefile, STMCube, EWARM and MDK-ARM, so… What we can do in this situation?

Is there any way by platformio could works with makefile? because it’s true that the makefile is so nice to work, it’s easy to use but… how could be used by platformio?

Or other option, becasue manage the hardware by CubeMX is really nice, and have nowdays an option to use platformio for STM32 with CubeMX too would be fantastic


my platform attempts…

Hi @poleg, unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box support for CubeMX projects at the moment. But there are some decent projects from the community (e.g. this one) that can simplify your task a bit. Also you can take a look at a bit more manual alternative approach described here.

Ok, I’ll take all this things and I’ll write the ending when I reach the goal