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STM32Cube framework HAL version

Ok so I am 99% sure this framework is a wrapper around the HAL framework shipped by STM. Like a lot of people, I am using CubeMX to generate code for my projects peripherals and just copying that code into my platformio project, BUT I have noticed that the version of HAL CubeMX uses is different from the version of HAL the STM32Cube framework uses. So some of the code generated is actually invalid within my platformio project.

How can I find out which version of the HAL framework platformio has installed?

@valeros please help

If you follow this path there is some STM docs in the form of an HTML file: ~/.platformio/packages/framework-stm32cube/f1/Release_Notes.html which suggests that the version I have installed is V1.7.0, but there is also this file ~/.platformio/packages/framework-stm32cube/package.json which suggests I am on version 2.0.181130. But this might an internal platformio versioning system?