STM32 Nucleo/Discovery boards for Arduino

There is an official port for the STM32 Nucleo and Discovery boards running inside the Arduino IDE using the Arduino framework.
It would be great if you can integrate it in PlatformIO :slight_smile:
Here the GitHub site: GitHub - stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32: STM32 core support for Arduino

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Thanks for a feature request :blush:

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I’m adding +1 to this feature request. I have recently got Nucleo board and we are going to build our own HW based on STM32 MCU and as I truly love PlatformIO and quite hate Arduino IDE I would be thrilled to have arduino framework available for STM32 within PIO. Thanks.

It’s an old thread but let me add my voice to the merry throng. I have an STM32 Nano with stm32f303k8 that I would like to program with Arduino framework. Currently I have to use mbed, which I am having a lot of problems coming to grip with.
I found this link for Arduino ide that allows the board (and many others) to be programmed in Arduino ide, so maybe you could use it.
Cheers, Ian

We have a feature request for that: