Stm32 g030f6 board config


I would like to use the stm32 G030F6 for developing power saving application,

which board config should I use


PlatformIO does currently not have the board definition for a G030F6 (boards), but it can be created.

I’ve created a test project at GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-g030f6-test, can you test it?

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Sure, I could test and report the result here, could you help to create another test project for STM32F031F6P7?


Sure, I’ve added the board definition for the F031 board too (not G031). The platformio.ini now has two environments, genericSTM32G030F6 and genericSTM32F031F6, you can chose between them as normal through the project environment switcher.

Hello @maxgerhardt I’ve test it successfully. and thanks

may I change the framework to stm32?

What framework is called “STM32”? You mean STM32Cube with the STM32HAL?

Yes @maxgerhardt I mean the STM32cube framework

The board files already declared stm32cube compatibility, so you could have created the example yourself by duplicating the environments and changing framework = arduino to framework = stm32cube.

I’ve updated the project again to have both Arduino and STM32Cube examples in the same project.