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STL library for ESP32 and AVR processors

I am trying to bring all my C++ code into this decade by using stdlib and STL. I have so far not found a way to get a rich offering of STL features for both ESP32 and AVR processors on Platformio. Perhaps I am just missing the right library. Here is an example of some simple iostreams and iomanip code that works fine with cout but some of which works and some that does not work with Serial2 (for example).

Is there a library that meets my needs or a perhaps a workaround?

#include <Arduino.h>

#include <stdlib.h>  // makes no difference

#include <Streaming.h>

#include <iostream>

    using std::cout;

    using std::right;

#include <iomanip>

    using std::setw;

void setup()




  Serial  << "hello world"   << endl;  // works

  Serial2 << "hello world 2" << endl;  // works

  cout    << right << "hello world" << endl;  // works

  Serial2 << right << "hello world" << endl;  // DOES NOT COMPILE

        // no matching function for call to 'print(std::ios_base& (*&)(std::ios_base&))'

        // invalid conversion from 'std::ios_base& (*)(std::ios_base&)' to 'unsigned char' [-fpermissive]

  cout    << setw(16) << "hello world" << endl;  // works

  Serial2 << setw(16) << "hello world" << endl;  // DOES NOT COMPILE

        // no matching function for call to 'Print::print(std::_Setw&)'

  cout    << setw(16) << right << "hello world" << endl;  // works


void loop() {}

This question just must not be interesting enough…

Did you open an issue in

Thank you. I will look at that forum and post there.

Hi Max.

I posted the issue to that forum about 10 days ago. Crickets so far.

Any other ideas on forums that might be able to help?