Starting Platformio

Somehow my computer decided to use VS-Code to open G-Code files that I created in Fusion360. I like VS-Code for editing these files but it has a side-effect. Now when I open VS-Code there is no sign of PlatformIO. I see PlatformIO is installed under extensions but that’s it. How do I get back to my embedded projects?


This first setting is off?

It shows up the same as your picture with enable grayed out but, no usual ant like icon on the side bar and no home icon on the bottom.

I gist saw that vs-code disabled the extension because the workspace was not trusted. Not sure why that is but unchecked the setting in vs to ignore this trust issue and Platformio now works. I would have thought that the enable setting would have been available (not grayed out) in this case. Is this now creating a security issue?