ST STM32 dev/platform 7.0.0: New boards, improved support for CMSIS framework, updated Arduino core

We are pleased to announce the next release v7.0.0 of ST STM32 development platform.

What’s New

Please note

Starting with this release several possible breaking changes are introduced:

  • Arduino
    • The STM32Duino core is used by default for all boards (except Maple boards).
    • New CMSIS device packages may cause bigger firmware size due to new startup files and updated linker flags
    • Updated default linker scripts

If some of the changes above are not acceptable for you project, you can set the previous release in the platformio.ini file:

platform = ststm32@~6.1.1
framework = arduino
board = nucleo_h743zi


See ST STM32 — PlatformIO latest documentation


See project examples platform-ststm32/examples at develop · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub


  • PlatformIO IDE – please navigate to PIO Home > Platforms > Updates
  • PlatformIO Core – please run a next CLI command $ pio update

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