Some overview of all projects and responsibilities

This may be a rather strange request, but I find myself spending a lot of time (way too much) trying to get an idea of all projects used in the project I work on myself (ESPeasy)

My problem is the complexity of all these projects and where to find their documentation.

For example, I use PlatformIO and as editor I am still trying to decide what suits me best, Atom or VS-code.
This PlatformIO uses several projects on its own.
Arduino implementation on top of ESP8266 and ESP32 code base. This Arduino implementation has its own version number. and the used core code libraries also. (e.g. 2.4.1)
Also some project to gather all libraries needed, which will result in some PIO package version number (1.7.3 or 1.1.2)
Then we have the build environment, python environment, some tool to convert the .ino files to a temporary cpp and some tools to parse the needed libraries. This also affects parsing of C++ defines, etc.

Then when looking through all the different bug tracking lists, I often see people replying with “that’s more for the bladiebla-folks at bladiebla”, so I am not the only one completely loosing track.

So can someone please point me to some documentation on all this, or could we use this topic to gather all these so I can make a proper drawing to help me find my way?
Last 4 months I have spent about 80% of the time looking for bugs and issues in other libraries or tools instead of working on adding features or fixing bugs in ESPeasy and that’s rather frustrating.
So please, can we somehow get all this mapped somewhere to help keeping track of how things work?