[Solved] Setup for a library project?

I am maintaining a library on Github, eModbus.

In my former Windows setup, I had the library in a subdirectory of an almost empty dummy project, that I could build and test. All code was in that very subdirectory, so f.i. I had to have src_dir = lib\\Test lines in my platformio.ini.

Now on Linux I wanted to streamline that ugly setup and cloned the library repo into a directory and added a matching platformio.ini. git commands seem to run fine, the project looks good in PlatformIO. The mentioned line now is src_dir = Test.

But when attempting to compile it for the first time, none of the library files needed by the test program were found. So I added a lib_dir = . line to ``platformio.ini`, but now no more of the core libraries are found.

How does one configure that properly?

Self-reply: I managed to get it compiled using an explicit lib_deps = section for the missing core libraries.