SNTP does not work in PlatformIO with ESP-IDF 5.0

I am trying to include sntp in my project but no header neither source files includes in provided in ESP-IDF provided by PlatformIO. Compared with original there are sntp files. :esp_netif_sntp.h
Please fix that, please.

Which files are you comparing it against? Note that PlatformIO uses stable version, so comparing against what’s in the master branch of ESP-IDF is not valid.

You are absolutely right. I compared GitHub master branch. Very strange but there is no way to use SNTP with 5.0. Did I miss something? For my application it is very important to syncronize time using SNTP.
Could you please help, how to use it then?
Thanks in advance.

Still, 5.0 does have an SNTP example

Does that not work?

Thank you a LOT)))
It is awesome that we have such a professionals like you.
Thanks for your patience. Have a nice day))
PlatformIO is the BEST solution and getting better every day.