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Slow responses from Upload and serial Monitor terminals

Hi, i am using PIO V core 4.0.0 with VSCode v 1.37.0. i am using PIO for compiling and Uploading sketches for ESP8266 with arduino core (also used for ATMEGA328, STM32 etc…). For sometime now the response to Upload and serial Monitors screen as very slow to all platforms. it used to take more than 1 minute for Terminal to appear. now it takes nearly 3~5 minutes for the terminal screen to appear. during this time i don’t see any activity on status screen. sometimes Terminal not at all appearing and i used to keep clicking Upload/Monitor button for 3 ~ 5 minutes without knowing whether the command is in progress. Any help appreciated to speed up the appearance of Upload/ Serial Monitor screen
I already installed PIO and reinstalled multiple times without any improvement

any one has same issue? appreciate any hint on solving this issue

Can you check with Task Manager / Activity Monitor (or whatever is the suitable tool on your operating system) if any process uses excessive CPU time? And have you tried to restart Visual Studio Code?

Thanks for helping me out. The CPU used is 35% only. mostly used by VScode.
i already restarted multiple times, uninstalled reinstalled PIO etc…
Noticed intellisense index rebuild is appearing often without additional added lib /any other activity. is there a issue here?

35% doesn’t sound like the CPU is the issue.

What operating system are you using?

Have you tried using another serial monitor and is it fast or slow?