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Simple bootstrapper for PlatformIO and ESP8266

Arduino Bootstrapper is an utility that helps noobs in bootstrapping an ESP8266 environment with platformio in very few minutes.

In few minutes you will be able to publish/subscribe to an MQTT queue, connect to Wifi by entering credentials via a web interface, write and read from storage and more.

This is a well organized and ready to run scheleton that can be used to bootstrap new projects.
This utility can be also integrated in existing projects that want to have a well made structure for common functions.

Have fun!


Thank you. Very organized coding and well thought out. :+1:


thank you Mark67, I appreciate it,
if you like it don’t forget to star the project on GitHub,
many new features coming with the main purpose to be easy to use and well organized. :slight_smile:

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Added ESP8266/ESP32 support.