SiFive RISC-V dev/platform 2.2.0: A new Freedom E SDK with FreeRTOS and SystemView support

We are pleased to announce the next release v2.2.0 of SiFive RISC-V development platform.

What’s New

  • Update Freedom E SDK to v20.05.00.01 (release notes) with FreeRTOS and SystemView support

FreeRTOS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) kernel for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. FreeRTOS supports more than 40 architectures including SiFive RISC-V cores.

SystemView is an application that enables analysis and profiling of the behavior of an embedded system. It records the monitor data which is generated in the embedded system and visualizes the information in different windows. The recording can be saved to a file for analysis at a later time or for documentation of the system.

Documentation for FreeRTOS and SystemView configuration .

See Release Notes for details.


See SiFive — PlatformIO latest documentation


See project examples platform-sifive/examples at develop · platformio/platform-sifive · GitHub


  • PlatformIO IDE – please navigate to PIO Home > Platforms > Updates
  • PlatformIO Core – please run a next CLI command $ pio update

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