SHT library has tags up to 0.2.5 but pio only gets 0.2.1

Library: GitHub - RobTillaart/SHT31: Arduino library for the SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor

No problemo @ ^0.2.1, but on all later ones:

Library Manager: Installing robtillaart/SHT31 @ ^0.2.2
Warning! Could not find the package with 'robtillaart/SHT31 @ ^0.2.2' requirements for your system 'windows_amd64'

I found some “temporary workarounds from 2018” but wonder how to save time instead of bashing my head against that wall.

Or is the library developer to blame (besides me developing on a windows machine)? What to tell him?

Hm the library.json manifest looks okay to me, don’t know why the PlatformIO library crawler is not picking it up. As the library page at PlatformIO Registry shows, only 0.2.1 is known.

If you want the latest version and have git installed, you can also do

lib_deps =

in the platformio.ini to get the 0.2.5 version. Or, without the #0.2.5 tag description, it will pull the latest version from master.

@ivankravets can you have a look at why that particular library doesn’t update to 0.2.5?

Edit: Ah, as Ivan noted, there is one extraneous comma in the manifest.


See Fix broken JSON by ivankravets · Pull Request #14 · RobTillaart/SHT31 · GitHub