Should I be worried?

I’m new to PlatfomIO. I just converted an Arduino IDE project and I’m getting a warning “Warning! Could not find the package with ‘RTClib.h’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’”. Should I be worried?


Using which method? By hand or with the “Import Arduino project” in VSCode?

This error message indicates that you wrote something like

lib_deps =

in the platformio.ini, which is wrong. If that’s the case, see docs. It needs either the name of the library as in the library registry, the name, owner and version of the library, or a download link of the library, but not the name of the header file it provides.

If you want to use PlatformIO Registry, write as that page and the documentation instructs you, as

lib_deps = 
   adafruit/RTClib @ ^1.12.4
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Thank you very much. I got my issue resolved. To answer your question, I converted by importing, renaming from “ico” to “cpp” and rearranging my functions. Before that however, I did in fact manually add the library exactly as you suspected. After it still didn’t compile, I looked up the library within PlatformIO and selected add to project. It did compile after that but I failed to go back and look at the ini file after and that was my error.