Setup toolchains and Environment for Amazon RTOS

Is there any tutorial specifically for a getting start guide with Amazon RTOS environment setup using Platform IO and ESP-IDF framework.

I have been programming with Platform IO on Arduino framework for ESP32.
I am on Mac with VS Code on Platform IO with a TTGO T-Beam ESP32 Development board.

What I could find officially on AWS is the getting start guide on CLI and it seems to suggest programmers to clone their git repository.

I am still confused with the Libraries and Platforms in Platform IO. I think Amazon RTOS is not listed, or maintained, in Platform IO as a platform, and there are a few repo named RTOS, which is the ‘original’ version of the RTOS without the AWS libraries in it. Am I correct?

ESP-IDF currently integrates FreeRTOS V8.2.0 from here but it’s not the Amazon FreeRTOS version you want (which is GitHub - aws/amazon-freertos: DEPRECATED - See They have a guide for Espressif here and a demo project built for native ESP-IDF here. We’d have to port the project structure to the PlatformIO buildystem for it work with PIO.

Well there is the possibility of porting the project to PIO right now but I think it makes more sense to make ESP-IDF change out it’s old FreeRTOS version to the Amazon FreeRTOS version. I’ve asked them that in Will ESP-IDF upgrade to the Amazon FreeRTOS? (IDFGH-875) · Issue #3231 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub.

So espressif, amazon anf platformio dev teams are all playing a massive game of chicken at the moment. Oh dear!