Settings Sync, Where is the cloud part saved, how secure?

VSCode v1.70.3. Win7(32bit).

I am liking using VSCode and PlatformIO and want to take it on the road with me.

So, this means having it on my development computer (at home) and also on a laptop or 2.

I think I can get my head around the “settings Sync” feature, but have some questions…

  1. I assume the settings are on some cloud server somewhere, where is that?

  2. Once those settings are in the cloud, how is security handled?
    2a. are the settings encrypted? This would be the best option as bad actor OP’s at the cloud facility wouldn’t be able to see them.
    2b. I’m sure they are protected by a password, how secure is that?

  3. Is there some kind of local method of syncing these settings. Can I make a “cloud” on my own internet server that no else has access?

  4. Really, I’m not terribly worried about the settings being viewed, but what other information is saved in the cloud along with the settings? My source code?

Currently, I have my “my documents” folder synced using “Mega” ( This syncs all my projects and sources and such. Mega encrypts everything before it leaves my computer and stores it on their servers in encrypted form. They claim even they don’t have access as they don’t have the passwords.

Can I simply use Mega to sync the settings too? I assume not. If I leave VSCode open on one computer, then go to another and open VSC, change settings and close, I bet the first computer would get lost.

Thanks, Mark.