Setting up PIO remote serial on ESP32

Can anyone direct me to a step-by-step guide for setting up remote serial/remote debug with ESP32?

I am using VScode and PIO Core 4.0.0 and a DOIT ESP32.

I have successfully got the OTA demo working and can update OTA but I’d like to be able to use the remote serial port to be able to get debug messages from the ESP32.

I see the doco at Redirecting...
says that the remote agent runs on Windows, macOS, Linux and Linux ARMv6+ but later in the docs it talks about the ESP8266.

If the remote agent only runs on those platforms then how are people out there debugging code for remote deployment?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Yeah, unfortunately PIO remote won’t do what you want there… it the agents runs on something that then talks to the target device… all the better to be able to hard reset it, upload to it, monitor it from startup, etc.

For OTA debugging, I’ve used telnet and particle (as I have both Particle devices, and also Digistump Oaks which were licensed to use their online portal).

I think this is the library I first used for telnet, and I’m considering using it or this one for my next project. They both appear to be actively maintained still, so it’s just a matter of which fits your use case better, and what features you need.

Thanks, I suspected that but good to get confirmation.
It would be awesome to have that implemented as part of the PIO platform.
I’ve implemented the RemoteDebug PlatformIO Registry for my project and it seems to be working great.