Setting paths to pio

(Re-wording my question below about VS code)

I am trying to find a way to run pio core without having to set the path variable in the operating system.
I can get a project to compile with no path set if I place it in a folder like \python27\scripts\src , but if the \src folder is not in the \scripts folder I cannot.

I’ve tried PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR with no success, but being a noob to this, I may be using it wrong. for instance if I run, from the scripts folder:

set PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR=c:\Users\mypc.platformio\python27\Scripts

then return to the src folder and build, I get:

‘platformio’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Any suggestions?

All your steps are incorrect. See docs for PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR. In other words, you don’t need that:

  1. Please install Python 2.7 in a system and add python to PATH. See Redirecting...
  2. Now you can use PIO Core in pair with VSCode.

Please note, that we will add project generator for VSCode soon. See

Thanks for the reply. I do have VS code and Platformio working very well when I install Python 2.7 and specify path in system variables. The problem is, I would like to use this combo in a week long robotics camp I teach, where the computers do not allow me admin rights. I cannot do a normal python install and I cannot set paths in the normal ways without admin rights.So, I am attempting to set it up as a “portable” non admin install. A real challenge when python is involved, especially for someone like me with little Python experience.I am making a bit of progress with windows setx at the moment, I will inform if I can make it work.

Looking forward to the updates on the VS code/ platformio extension. I also find Atom far too bloated and barely runs on some of the old clunker school computers. (which is why I’m opting for VS code)