Set framework version?


I’ve been working on a Zephyr project using an nRF52840. Everything was going swimmingly until an update this morning really seemed to mess things up. I think the issue is in Zephyr somewhere, is there a way revert to an older version of a particular framework to try and further troubleshoot the cause?


Yes, see documentation and release page. You may want to e.g. set platform = nordicnrf52@4.5.0 in the platformio.ini to revert to the previous release in your project.

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for. What about the framework, is it possible to rollback a zephyr release or two also?

By rolling back the platform you’ll automatically roll back all packages associated with it. That includes framework-zephyr and the 23 other zephyr packages that make up the whole Zephyr implementation. Look into your home folder and .platformio/packages/framework-zephyr* for refernce.

You can also use the most current platform version but roll back some packets individually, using platform_packages commands as documented, e.g.

; use Zephyr 2.3.0. only main package.
; might need framework-zephyr-hal-nordic and friends too.
platform_packages = 

Available versions are listed on the bintray with the version format being SemVer.

Note that that might introduce some instability or incompatibility, if e.g. the current platform version is expected to run on Zephyr 2.4.0 and executes special code to handle that version – usually pinning the entire platform version is the safest route to go.

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Thanks again. Rolling back to 4.5.0 and not messing with the framework seems to have done the trick. The issue was that the nRF52840 wasn’t sending out data when calling bt_gatt_notify(), but that is for a different topic.

Marked your 2nd answer as correct, as it had the additional info to be careful messing with frameworks and platforms.