Set Arduino fuse with Atom


I found this discussion and try to set the fuse (Bod 4.3V) with Atom and PlatformIO via platformio.ini. It is also described in the PIO documention I read - here

It looks like this:
platform = atmelmegaavr
board = nano_every
framework = arduino

board_fuses.efuse = 0xFE

or better board_hardware.bod = 4.3v???

But I cannot find any way to set it in the Arduino like mentioned in Atom (found no tasks) and run into the same problems are discuessed there. So are there also tasks in Atom Plugin or should I better move to VSCode.

If I run pio run --target fuses I get “Do not know how to make File target `fuses’ (C:\Users\nils.rottgardt\Sync\Privat\Modellbau\Ladekoffer\Arduino\Charger Supervisor\fuses).”

Thanks in advance for any hint.


That’s because you’re reading the instructions for the Atmel AVR Platform, which is different to the Atmel megaAVR platform you’re working with. The megaAVR platform documentation has no mention of being able to set the fuses (or in fact anything much at present), and when I look at the source, there doesn’t seem to be provision for setting fuses. Probably because support for this series is pretty new, and still green around the edges :wink:

I’m not familiar with that series, so can’t give any suggestions as to alternative methods. My normal goto for setting fuses, loading bootladers, avrdudess, doesn’t support the ATMEGA4809, so that’s not an option. Hopefuly someone else has played with it and can offer advice! :slight_smile: