SerialCommands library not updating properly

The SerialCommands library is not updated properly.
Only v1.1 is visible inside PlatformIO:s library manager.

Looks like the bump to latest version (2.2.0) was made several months ago so the crawler should’ve found it I think?

I’m definitely not expert but it seems like versioning is correct in both and library.json.

Arduino IDE:s library manager finds the latest version (v2.2.0) but I’m not sure that means that the versioning is correct for PlatformIO as well.

Linkw to issue I created on librarys git

Is this issue with PlatformIO, the library or my installation of PlatfromIO+VS code?

EDIT: brainfart, linked issue isn’t mine

Well as @ivankravets noted in the linked issue, the library author should make a release or tag. Until then, use lib_deps = to download the latest version. Or should PlatformIO single-sidedly update its registry?

I thought that (tag) was done in last push?


You’re right, it’s in the tags. Maybe @ivankravets can check again on why it doesn’t update.

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Thanks, fixed!

Thanks @ivankravets!

Shows up in vscode/PlatformIO now :ok_hand: