Serial to 2 different USB ports

I have just moved over from the Arduino IDE and so I am on a massive learning curve. I am using WT32 SC01 Plus display with an ESP32 S3 on it. The display has a built in USB with a CP2102 USB to UART IC and that works great.

The problem it that when I have it in the case the only USB port I can access is the one on the separate debug board and that uses a CH340 for USB to UART. I can program the board fine through this and I can see the serial messages as the display boots up. However, after it boots in goes silent and no serial messages are displayed.

I suspect it defaults to sending via the onboard USB but I have no idea how to direct them to the debug board. Or am I may be missing something else?

Any advice for a newbie is greatly appreciated? Thanks.

Yep, you see to be on the right thought track. It is one possibility that, depending on the activated macros, Serial maps to the (on-board) USB-CDC instead of the hardware UART. The macro ARDUINO_USB_CDC_ON_BOOT if set to 1 can for example influnce that.

You should be able to mouse-hover over the Serial object used in your code. Does it say its base class is HWCDC or HardwareSerial :slight_smile: