Serial monitor Wokwi, VSCode

I have an application based on the ATMega2560, and I can’t seem to get the serial monitor to work. I have this code:

I’m looking at the serial monitor window in VSCode, and nothing is printed. I don’t think I have it configured right.

I have this in my wokwi diagram.json:

[ "board:18", "$serialMonitor:TX", "" ],
[ "board:19", "$serialMonitor:RX", "" ],

(board is the name of the 2560 in the diagram)

One thing I’m not clear on is what I should pick for the “port” in the serial monitor configuration window…

… but that’s better discussed in the Wowki forums, no? I’m very certain PlatformIO produces the firmware.bin etc. correctly (non-working serial would be a big deal), it’s the emulation or simulation that’s at fault.