Serial monitor shows invalid content

Soo, I’ve got this tool probably 2 days ago and it was properly showing the actual input from the temp. and humidity module. But after a while, something has changed and now I’m getting this - seemingly - uncoded data (see image) to the serial monitor which is quite unuseful. The serial monitor terminal is getting data but I can’t do anything with it. Didn’t make any changes neither on the code nor in the VSCode settings.
Does anybody have encountered with this problem?
Have already tried application and system restart, neither of them solved the problem yet.

Working on Mac OS Catalina (10.15.4)
VSCode 1.43.2

Your Serial.begin(60000) statement sets up a baud rate of 60000 (which is also very unusual… usually 9600 or 115200). But your monitor is looking on 9600 baud, thus only garbage appears.

You can try to add

monitor_speed = 60000

to your platformio.ini (as documented).

If that does not work (baud rate not supported by serial adapter), just change the Serial.begin() argument to 115200 and adapt the monitor_speed accordingly.


Monitor speed does solves the issue, thanks! ( on the other hand, I’ve tried to change the Serial.begin()'s value beforehand to 115200 but that doesn’t worked )

Because the default (without any monitor_speed directive) is 9600. So if you use 9600 in the Serial.begin() you don’t need any special config at all.