Serial Monitor - Send HEX String


Sorry if this has been answered before.

I cannot see any way to send HEX commands to the Serial Monitor.

Is it possible to send HEX Strings?


Arduino has a setting that allows you to specify the format of transmission. Something like (data, DEC) iirc to send it in a required format.

You can use “Serial.write(value)”.


PS: If you only want to send the “human readable” ASCII-encoded format you can use something like Serial.print (value, HEX)


I think I am being misunderstood.

I have code that is expecting a hex string tobe sent to it. Using a third party Serial terminal application I can do this no problem.

Using the built in IDE serial monitor I want to know if it is possible to send hex strings they same way I can from a third party serial terminal .

I don’t see any options to configure the type of
Data transmitted from the IDE to the micro.


Sorry, i misunderstood.
I do that with an external serial program.
maybe you can upload a binary file (Ctrl+T Ctrl+U) “Ctrl+T Ctrl+H” gives you help, but for testing
i guess it’s easier to do something like “echo -en “\x01\xFF.” > /dev/ttyxxx”


What external program do you use ?

I’m on OSX and sometimes i use CoolTerm for displaying big binary data, but for testing I use “stty” with “echo”.