Serial monitor not showing inputs


I am trying to program an Arduino nano allowing it to interact with people through serial monitor but when unputting data, nothing shows in the serial monitor also the data will be inputed without even pressing Enter key!!! how t fix that and make it like the original Arduino IDE serial monitor??
thank you guys

This is just how works. No echo by default. If you want echo, use the -e flag with See Advanced Standalone Serial Monitor - #5 by ivankravets for an alternative. For logical errors, we would need to see the code.


Thank you for helping, however, How can I use the -e flag with miniterm.p ? I am new to the whole coding thing and I am getting it step by step.

Depending on your operating system (which you didn’t tell us), you can open a terminal window (cmd.exe, bash, …) and invoke directly with the wanted flags.

If I am e.g. on a Windows system and my Arduino Nano is on COM3 (you can check that in the device manager or in the Arduino IDE), to open the serial monitor with activated echoing at 115200 baud I’d do -e COM3 115200

More options can be seen when executing -h. This of course requires that is installed in your PATH environment variable so that that script is found (along with a python installation).

It might be just easier for you if you downloaded the GUI programs given in the link above (CoolTerm) or use HTerm on Windows. or Linux

Sorry, my bad :frowning: … . I am on Mac OS Serra , I think it uses terminal instead of CMD