Serial monitor not flush buffor

I have issue with serial monitor.
When Im putting input in serial monitor and printing on console it works like no all data are being flushed from buffer.

Here is example:
putting ‘abcd’ - in serial monitor I will see ‘a’ - now when I will put ‘platformIO’ I will see rest of first string ‘bcd’ - etc

Same test code works on arduino IDE

Code is simple while (Serial.available()) { Serial.println((char); Serial.flush(); }

is there any setting for serial monitor ?

I have upgraded teminal to version 2.4.0 - and that seems to fix my issue

Hello - it happened again - I have installed new system and the newest platform IO:
IDE 2.0.0-beta.6·Core 3.4.0b12
terminal version is 2.5.1

and issue which I described in 1 post is happening again.
Is there any setting I can change ?