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Serial monitor input settings

I am new to platformIO and got through many parts of its steap learning curve. Acording to another question from 2020 you should be able to just write to serial monitor and send the written text by presing enter.
That would be briliant, but reality isn’t so nice…
Mine problem is that Whenever I press any symbol while Serial monitor is centered it just sends it, mine mcu reaches the end of input and realizes the input is wrong password after which it locks up for increasing time periods flushing the inputs until re-prompted.

What I am trying to get is ability to send multiple letters or numbers in one go after I press enter or click a button, same as on Arduinos monitor or on mine serial app on a tablet.
Uncle Google gave no help only a guide how to change rate…
OS: Manjaro (Arch) linux, Arm64

Then whatever you read, the person lied or you read it incorrectly. PlatformIO’s serial monitor, aka, sends characters immediately, unless you tell it to wait for an enter press using monitor filters, i.e. by adding

monitor_filters = send_on_enter

to the platformio.ini.

This was already discussed in Is there anyway to send manually typing messages to arduino through serial port in platformio?.