Segger RTT with Bluepill

I am working with a Bluepill&Jlink in arduino framework (board = bluepill_f103c8). The build, upload, debug session is working. Trying to add the Segger RTT function. It builds without errors, but I don’t know how to capture it’s output in the monitor window. Not sure what to add to the.ini file.
Please help.

What what free tools can you capture the Segger RTT output if not Seggers’ RTT viewer?

Hope dies last. :wink:

The Segger RTT is working with the jlinkgdbserver and a normal terminal, so it can be done.

Success, it’s working now. Way better, then using a physical serial port. No wires and faster.

I downloaded a test program (Arduino ino) from here: Source level debugging - Arduino IDE with J-Link/Ozone/RTT - RC Groups
Imported to PlatformIO, the .ini:
platform = ststm32
board = bluepill_f103c8
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = jlink
debug_tool = jlink
monitor_port = socket://localhost:19021